Graham D

I first met Louise in 2012. Since then the advice and support she has provided has enabled me to look at life in a completely different way and how important nutrition is to your well-being. I cannot thank you enough for the individual advice and knowledge you have given me. The difference it has made to how I feel both physically and mentally has been amazing. I can, without a doubt, highly recommend her to anyone.

Christopher C

Louise has worked with my son for some time now.  He has a functional bowel problem as well as medically diagnosed allergies.  Louise has liaised with our Consultants at every step of the process and has been very sensitive to everyone’s needs during the time I have been working with her.  We have seen considerable improvements over, what has been a long, but very much a step by step process.  We have looked at genetics, as well as our lifestyle and the environment we live in, as well as food, giving us the reassuring knowledge that everything that could have been considered has been.  We have used that information to make incremental changes that we would have been unable to do otherwise.

Kathryn W

Louise Carder has saved my life! In 2014 found that my cholesterol was 7.1 – 5.1 bad; my iron levels were very low; I was insulin resistant; borderline for a stroke and heart attack and I had to be referred to a cardiologist for my breathlessness. I sent my results to Louise and she then fast tracked me with some basic stool and blood tests and a DNA test for further information.

I saw the cardiologist PDQ and he diagnosed a mitral valve problem which would need annual monitoring and he said that many of his patients of my age were presenting with low iron levels.  He said that doctors only have a half day on nutritional medicine and he said I should go away and work with Louise through the summer and return to him in the autumn for a calcium CT scan to determine whether I needed statins.  He said I needed to be absorbing vitamins to keep my heart healthy. Louise explained that due to the gluten intolerance, my intestines would “look like a berber flat pile carpet instead of the healthy shag pile carpet” – as a result I was not absorbing vitamins from my food and my intestines had allowed bacterial bugs, which should live there, into my blood stream.

No wonder I had all the symptoms listed as my immune system was fighting food intolerances as well as bacterial infections.

Louise personalised my nutritional supplements and diet sheets, giving me the information in table form so it was easy to follow.  I had 3 one week courses on an anti-microbial programme to get to grips with the bacteria in my blood stream.

So here we are 6 months later, I am a stone in weight lighter, I have loads of energy – no more sleepy dips in the day and I feel as if Louise has given me back 30 years of my life.

My cardiologist is thrilled that my calcium CT showed that I have a 0% calcium build up in my heart which is a perfect score, so no statins for me, only my supplement and diet schedule for me now. So you see, Louise really has saved my life.  I realise that everyone is different, but trust me, if you are frustrated at just not feeling well and you are prepared to follow Louise’s advice to the letter, then you will get real scientific answers to your health issues and hopefully feel better when those results are specifically addressed.

Conventional medicine can only treat symptoms not causes.  A functional approach is the new way forward to address the reasons you just don’t feel well.

I am so thankful I found Louise Carder - there are not many Functional Nutritionists around.  I found Louise to be thorough, supportive and kind – which has so helped me on my journey to better health. So, good luck and do what I have done, spread the word – we all only live once!

Katie G

Working with Louise has been a fantastic experience.  She has the ability to see through your matrix of symptoms and by a very vigorous process (including tests!), work out conclusively what has been compromised in your body; what is out of balance. She has the knowledge and experience to know what to do; which supplements or nutritional therapy are needed, which dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary; what the road map towards wellness looks like.  I waited 11 years to find someone who has this unique set of skills, knowledge and experience.  I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Louise, because 1 year on, I feel better than I've felt in a decade.

Grace J

I feel really lucky to have found Louise and to have had her as my practitioner.  She has all of the qualities you would want in a practitioner.  She has a deep and vast knowledge in various issues that can arise in body and how they can be helped.  She has an interest in the body that makes the process of working with her both exciting and enjoyable.  She also has the kindness and support that is needed when working through health issues.  It’s a collaborative journey and I have really appreciated that aspect as well.

Val F

I was extremely unwell when I first consulted Louise but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she transformed my life. Working holistically, she combined her specialist expertise with collaboration with medical doctors to improve each area of my health and lifestyle to the point where I was able once more to find an even keel.  She gave great thought to her strategies, was relentless in getting to the bottom of the problem (unfathomable by conventional medicine) and used fine testing unavailable on the NHS to help point us in the right direction.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Carol H

I have been a client of Louise since 2012 and without her coaching and advice in the last 2 years since my stroke I wouldn't have been able to successfully complete an elimination diet, and found that in doing so I have learned how to eat in a way that has worked better for my system.

Since then the advice and support she has provided has enabled me to look at life in a completely different way and how important nutrition is to your well-being.

I cannot  thank her enough for the individual advice and knowledge she has given me. The difference it has made to how I feel both physically and mentally has been amazing.  I am very thankful that Louise dedicated the time and energy to help me.

I can, without a doubt, highly recommend her to anyone.

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