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We have two 'get going' options when getting started with us.  Firstly we have a 20 minute Nutrition Coaching option that leads into 5 further Nutrition-focused sessions.

If a deeper dive is required for more complex health conditions, we offer a 90 minute initial appointment package with ongoing Membership Programmes (including a mini-membership option to suit all budgets), allowing for additional time to go through complex health histories with ongoing appointment structures to deliver optimal continuity of care.

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Clinical Focus

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Optimum Nutrition

Never before in human history have we had such a variety of choice when it comes to food; what and why we choose to eat, or not eat, when, how and in what quantity are questions that are new to the human race. How we choose to answer these questions can impact greatly on our health.

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Digestive Health

From top to literally bottom we have a digestive tube running through us. Absorbing through the tube wall is how we get nutrients for fuel and repair into our bodies.  The tube environment (microbiome) is dependent on what comes in from the outside so our health is in turn modified by it.

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Immune Health

Our genes programme our basic immune response. By around 10 our acquired immune system is taking over and developing to hold a super-library of possible responses to the outside world. We specialise in considering these responses.

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Blood Sugar

This delicate balance between glucose and insulin, known as blood sugar balance can have a profound effect on our health.  A little bit of an imbalance may not affect us too much, but when this becomes more significant then we may be at risk of Diabetes.

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Brain Health

From brain fog to the early stages of cognitive decline we work with clients on their nutritional status to support brain function. From the gut-brain connection to the Bredesen Protocol we stay at the cutting edge of science and work with outside partners to deliver best client-care.

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Studies now show that 1 in 7 heterosexual couples have problems getting or staying pregnant.  Our focus is to cover the basics with you, relating to nutrition and lifestyle factors in particular and ensure that your nutrient levels are optimised through diet.

I waited 11 years to find someone who has this unique set of skills, knowledge and experience. I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Louise, because 1 year on, I feel better than I've felt in a decade.

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