Introducing Optimum Nutrition

Never before in human history have we had such a variety of choice when it comes to food; what and why we choose to eat, or not eat, when, how and in what quantity are questions that are new to the human race. How we choose to answer these questions can impact greatly on our health.

By focusing on nutrition we are able to consider many different ways in which your body deals with the food you eat in order to support your health.  We call this a functional approach when we consider how our food choices affect different body systems:

Do you have any nutrient imbalances (either deficiencies or excesses)?  Deficiencies in particular can occur through issues relating to absorption of nutrients or simply through not ingesting enough.  We have to ensure that we are getting what our bodies need from the food we eat.

  • Energy System- Is your blood sugar balanced optimally to support energy levels throughout the day?
  • Structural System- Are your absorbed nutrients supporting good bone health and optimising other body systems essential for structural integrity?
  • Digestive System- Is your digestion working optimally in order that you get what you need from the food you eat?
  • Transport System- Is your diet supporting healthy red blood cells and their transportation around the body?
  • Hormone System- Does your nutrition support an evenly balanced hormone system?
  • Biotransformation System- Is your waste system working optimally?  Are you able to excrete excesses efficiently?
  • Immune System- Is your immune system able to tolerate the foods you eat?  Could an anti-inflammatory or immune-balancing approach be something to consider?
  • Brain System- Finally, how do you actually feel about what you are eating, and in turn how does what you are eating influence your mood and how you feel about yourself.

These 8 body systems cover key aspects of how our bodies run, from the digestive system, to hormones and immune system. We cover them all when we work with you.

What exactly is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance.  Nutritional Therapy can identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to symptoms.  This approach allows the Nutritional Therapist to work with people on many levels by addressing nutritional imbalances and supporting the body to maintain health.  During a nutritional therapy appointment the following are typically covered:

  • A detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake.
  • A Nutritics software review and report of both your current nutrient intake compared with that of the programme we will write for you, to show how we can optimise nutrient levels.
  • Additional recommendations relating to other priorities relating to your health.

Our aim is to work with our clients as individuals, from wherever their start point is, to understand what their health foundations are and to optimise their health from that point.  

Choosing what we eat is one of the key ways in which we influence our health. Everyone has their own individual needs, so we see our role with our clients as one of supporting them to achieve the best food selection for their personal needs and nutrition status.

Nutritional Therapy- the science of nutrition… on your plate

Author: Louise Carder

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