Membership: Maintenance Protocol Package

After your Intensive Phase Programme(s) have ended you have the option to move onto a Maintenance Protocol Package. This Membership package comprises 8 x 30 minute appointments to be taken within 1 year, so an appointment would be undertaken approximately every 8 weeks. The appointment structure is 15-20 minutes discussion and then any protocol updates are completed in the remaining appointment time. Appointment prep time is also included in the package. Finally, as part of your LCNH membership you have access to a once a month open Q&A with Louise Carder on a Monday lunchtime, typically the first Monday of the month unless otherwise advertised.


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Important! You need to complete the Initial Intake Appointment before signing up for any other programmes or appointments.
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About Your Initial Intake Appointment

We start with a 30 minute intake appointment, after which we review your key symptoms, concerns, and goals. There will then be a chance to discuss next step options if you want to become a full client.

You will then have the option to:

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Move straight on to one of our programmes. These can be purchased via our website

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Undertake pertinent laboratory testing

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Book a full ‘functional’ appraisal of your health history via the Health Discovery Appointment.  This is ideal for more complex or chronic cases, such as those with with concerns about CIRS, Chronic fatigue/ME/Fibromyalgia, Auto-immunity, Cognitive challenges

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Continue with ad hoc appointments

What happens next?

Step 1

12 Session Process

The first step starts with your 1:1 appointment.The 12 group sessions are then organised as 8 x 60 minute sessions with Louise and 4 x 40 minutes with our health coach. We will contact you directly to book your 1:1 appointment with Louise so this is done before the first group session.

Step 2

Introductions and Individual Learning

In the first session, we will map out your own programme goals so we can cover everything you want to know by the end of the sessions. As we work through the sessions, we will personalise what works best for you and this will be enhanced by your own learning from the rest of the group.

Step 3

Problem Solving

Once we have reached the halfway point of the sessions, we will start to focus on problem solving for the future, so you have tools to draw on once the sessions end.

Step 4

Evaluation and Next Steps

Towards the end of the sessions, we can make a plan for further sessions or ensuring that you are ready to move forward on your own.

Step 5

We look forward to working with you!

If you have any queries that cannot wait until your appointment then please feel free to reach out.

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